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Naval operations

tags transportation , ship

Naval operations - a type of water transport. By MTC include any vessel that can travel over the water (seas, oceans and surrounding areas), as well as simply is alive and perform, while certain functions relating to transport, transshipment, storage, processing of cargo carriage and passenger service. sea most of the goods being transported around the world. Particularly the case of liquid goods

River transport

tags ship , transportation

River transport (inland water transport) - transport, carrying cargo and passenger vessels on inland waterways as a natural (rivers, lakes) and artificial (canals, reservoirs). Transportation on the Caspian Sea belong to the MTC, while in fact it is the sea is a lake (the largest in the world). The main advantage of river transport is the low cost of transportation, thanks to her, he continues to

Ship repair

tags transportation , repairs , services , ship

Ship repair


tags construction , transportation , ship , services

Shipbuilding - the heavy industry sector undergoing the construction of ships. Ships are usually built on the specialized companies that are called shipyards.

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