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Airport - a set of facilities for receiving, sending aircraft and air transport services available for these purposes airfield, air terminal and other ground facilities and equipment. International Airport - an airport which open to incoming and outgoing aircraft engaged in international air transport, where the border and customs control.


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Akura (Acura) - North American branch of the group Honda, which specializes in production of sports and entertainment vehicles. Assembly Plant American Honda Motor Co. was opened March 27, 1986 in California. Akura's name appeared in 1989 and relates exclusively to the prestigious models Honda, sold in the United States. Tactical and technical data Akura car brands, as a rule, do not differ from that


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Audi AG - a German automobile company in the composition of the group Volkswagen AG, which specializes in the production of cars under the brand name «Audi». The headquarters - in Ingolstadt (Germany).


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Avtosignalizatsiya - an electronic device installed in a car designed to protect it against unauthorized use repellent and thieves. It consists typically of the main unit, receiver-transmitter (antenna), trinkets, shock sensor, a service buttons and a LED indicator. Car there with feedback that is bibelot-pager informed on the status of the car. Avtosignalizatsiya not 100% guarantee against theft,


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BMW AG (an abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, in Russian translation, Bavarian Motor Plant) - German manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. BMW - the company owns major stakes in producing car Mini and Rolls-Royce in the past - Rover, which BMW has left a trademark Triumph. A Russian BMW name is pronounced «BE-EM-VE »; occasionally occurs writing «БМВ». There


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Bus (reduction of car-bus) - a car, up more than 8 people and designed to carry passengers. In contrast to the tram and trolley bus, the bus does not need any of hanging wires, or in the rails. Buses less than 5.5 meters called minibuses (in Russian classification - especially buses, light), the rest of the world to mikroavtobusam includes buses and minivans with a capacity of 9 to 16 passengers.

Bus station

tags carriage , transportation , passenger , bus

Bus station (road station) - a complex of buildings and facilities for passengers of urban, suburban and intercity buses, line staff, rolling stock and storage. The main part of the bus station or bus station - the railway station building, platform for boarding and alighting passengers, entrance to the platform, usually isolated from the public roads. Bus arranged for the end-points and transit

Car drives

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Car drives

Driving courses

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driving courses


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Грузоперевозки - это перевозки грузов при помощи транспортных средств.


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Honda (eng. Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yapese.本田技研工业株式会社[Honda Giken Co.: General: Kabusiki Gaysya]) (TYO: 7267, NYSE: HMC) - an international industrial company, first and foremost known as a producer of automobiles.


tags transportation , car , cars

Lexus - cars, the American branch of the Japanese company Toyota. For the first time the establishment of a luxurious brand for the U.S. market, it was announced in August 1983 from the board of directors of Toyota Motor president Agee Toyoda. The first serial car - business class sedan Lexus LS 400 with an engine V8 (volume 4 liters, the power of 260 hp) was released in 1989.


tags transportation , car , cars

Mazda Motor Corporation (Japaneseマツダ株式会社Matsuda Kabusiki-gaysya) (TYO: 7261) - Japanese car company, producing cars «Mazda». The headquarters - in Hiroshima. The history of the company has since 1960, when it was released first serial car Mazda R360 Coupe (2-door passenger car), previously the company was founded in 1920 , engaged in the production of machine tools. The name «Mazda»


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Mercedes-Benz (in Russian pronounced Mercedes-Benz, German is pronounced Mertsedes-Benz) - German car brand and the name of the company, which specializes in the production of cars, trucks, buses. At the moment, is a subsidiary company of «Daimler-Benz». Headquartered in Stuttgart. Founded in 1871.

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