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A boulder is sandstone

tags landscape design , stone , Boulder , sandstone , trimstone

Stone for finishing, stone for paving, stone for a landscape design.

Advertising Services

tags advertisement , services

Advertising services - services for advertising products. Advertising services include: - advertising through print and broadcast media; - outdoor advertising; - advertising transportation, field sales; - sponsorship for cultural entertainment and sporting events.


tags alcohol , alcohol

Alcohol (obsolete alcohol) - organic compounds containing one or more hydroxyl groups (hydroxyl,-OH), is directly related to the carbon atoms in the hydrocarbon radicals. The general formula of simple limit (ACYCLIC) alcohols CnH2n +1OH. Classification - By the number of hydroxyl groups alcohols can be one, two, trehatomnymi and more. Monoatomic alcohols, also known as alcohol, diatomic - glycol

Alcoholic beverages

tags alcohol , drinks , foodstuffs

Alcoholic products (alcoholic products) - products containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol, in common - alcohol) derived from food, raw materials uglevodsoderzhaschego. The main way to get alcohol - biological fermentation . In fermentation, except for ethanol, there are a number of other substances, collectively called fusel oil, and easily volatile aldehydes and furfurola. Light impurities and fusel

Alpine hill

tags trimstone , stone , landscape design

Alpine hill €€€ it is a synthesis of different living and lifeless natural elements, which must remind the natural corner of mountain nature.

Apple MacBook Air

tags notebook , MacBook

Size and weight Height: 0. 4-1. 94 cm (0. 16-0. 76 inch) Width: 32. 5 cm (12. 74 inches) Depth: 22. 7 cm (8. 9 inches) Weight: 1. 36 kg (3 pounds) Processor and memory Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4MB on-chip shared L2 cache running at full processor speed. 800MHz frontside bus 2GB of 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM on board Storage * 80GB 4200-rpm Parallel ATA hard disk drive * Optional 64GB

Artificial waterfall

tags landscape design , design , stone , trimstone

Artificial waterfall from a stone

Audit services

tags services

Audit services

Austrian blinds

tags blinds

Austrian curtains are a tissue collected at the lower edge of lush scallop. The top edge of assembled curtains tape, why matter where the blinds raised, come down from above drapirovochnymi soft folds, forming a scallop. With its soft fold Austrian blinds look good with a flounce or fringe on the sides or bottom. Principle of the Austrian curtains can also be used lambrekene. Particularly spectacular

Auto blankets

tags car , accessories

Avtochehly convenient to use, if the cabin frequent guests, children or pets. Seat covers will serve you well if you want to save the salon a new car or restore the aesthetic form of a used car.


tags trimstone , stone , landscape design



tags foodstuffs , Meat products

Balik - salted and then provyalennaya air back valuable species of large fish - sturgeon, salmon. The word «balyk» has a Turkish background, and literally means simply «fish». < br /> Balyk is fine consistency, pleasant taste and odor-specific. most prized balyk obtained from belorybitsy, nelmy and sturgeon, with up to 22-23% fat. Recently, sales have also syrokopchenye

Banking Services

tags services , bank

Banking (service) - a closed list of operations, the right of which belongs to the banks on an exceptional basis. By bank transactions: 1. attracting funds of individuals and entities in the deposits (on demand and at a certain time limit); 2. placement of these raised funds on its behalf and at their own expense; 3. opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals and legal entities; 4.


tags services , food , drinks

Bar - is drinking establishments in which alcoholic beverages are sold for immediate consumption. There is no principled difference between these drinking establishments, as a bar, pub, tavern or snack, because the aim of all these enterprises is the extraction of commercial benefits through the sale of alcohol. Some bars served food as well as the bar can yavlyatsya part of the restaurant. «Bars»,

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