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Tokaj wine

tags alcohol , foodstuffs , drinks , wine

Homeland Tokaj wines - Hungary, and they constitute the world the pride and glory of winemaking in the country. Got name of the mountain Tokai that the north-east Hungary. According to tradition, Brave gonvedy (Hungarian analog Russian hussar), passing in the mind of the mountains, unfolding in her side and gave the honor - in gratitude for the pleasure, already received from these superb wines, and


tags alcohol , wine , drinks , foodstuffs

Wine (Firm vinum) - Spirits (9-20% of the castle.) received full or partial alcohol fermentation grape or fruit & berry juice (sometimes with the addition of alcohol and other substances). Quality and color The quality and timing excerpts wines are divided into young, no extracts, ripe, fine (Fine, ripe wines produced in certain wine regions from the same grape varieties that retain taste and

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