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Ukraine, Kharkiv region
Kharkiv, Dragomirovskaya Str. 30
Zip code 61109

The basis of production are the batteries and rechargeable batteries for rail transport, automation systems, remote control and communication, for use in energy production and distribution, manufacturing equipment and security systems.

These include:
Starter batteries 32TN-450-U2, 48TN-450-U2 for diesel locomotives.
Maintenance-free batteries 55TN-150G-V2 for shunting locomotives ČME3.
Maintenance-free batteries for passenger cars 28L 04300 G, 28L 04370 G.
Avtoblokirovochnye batteries ABN 80 УХЛ2 for control systems security alarm systems.
Maintenance-free batteries and stationary batteries series LS (15 models) nominal capacity from 130 to 3000 A • h for power plants and communications centers.
Traction batteries for electric series LT trucks, stackers, reach trucks and other equipment.
Maintenance-free traction batteries LT 06 180 G for industrial trucks and harvesting equipment.
... as well as batteries for motorcycles and scooters - 3MT-8, 3MTS-18, 6MTS-9, 6MTS-4, 6MTS-5.

In addition, "Vladar develops and manufactures equipment for the control of the batteries:
Control device operating modes of the battery - a kind of "black box", constantly recording options for battery operation for later analysis.
Remote control battery parameters.
Phone +380 (57) 7174358
Fax +380 (57) 7516812
Site http://vladar.com.ua
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Accumulators and systems of feed
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Standart Ukraine, Kharkov


Standart Ukraine, Kharkov


Standart Ukraine, Kharkov

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