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Russia, Leningrad region
St. Petersburg, Kurchatova st. , 6, of. 51
Zip code 19422

Ltd. AlmazMarket - delivers diamond drilling, the ruling, grinding, kamneobrabatyvayuschego tool for the industry, exploration and construction. The flexible price policy (prices below average). Operational management and execution of any orders. Our range: - Diamond drill bits 01A3, 01A4, 02KS, 05KS, A4DP, helmets, K01, K01-1, K01-2, K01-3, impregnated 02I3G, 02I4G, 02I3-UM, UM-02I4, 28I3G, 28I4G, 30I3G, 31I3G (similar to T2 «Atlas Copco»), 32I3G, 33I3G, 34I3G (equivalent series NQ «Bort Longir») - Diamond Enhancers RSA - Core catcher and kernorvatelnye ring - Diamond ruling pencils - Diamond clips PP, ARR - Diamond shapes spots - Diamond combs, zenkera (ZAR) and other spetsinstrument - Diamond bars APS-2, APS-2S, ABPL - Diamond bars hand BAP - Diamonds in the frame - Needles diamond - NDT Handpieces-1, NP, NPM - Diamond segments for cutting circles and AOSK ring drills - Diamond ring drills on the concrete / reinforced concrete - Household diamond drills on concrete d.6 mm, 8 mm - Podkovoobraznye diamond drills on ceramic granite d.8 mm - Diamond Cutting and segmented circles (AOSK) on all types of natural and artificial stone - Diamond Cutting and segmented circles (AOSK) for dry cutting - RIM diamond cutters - Diamond and CBN-12A2-45, 20-12A2, 1A1, 12R4, etc. - Diamond paste
Phone +7 812 9347092
Fax +7 812 2971318
ICQ 484770597
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Materials of abrasives and instruments
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Explosive and borings works / Boring technique and equipment
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Instruments / Metal-working
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Instruments / Stone processing
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Mining industry / An equipment mining
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

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