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Kiev, Кіровска 4
Zip code 03179
Code ОКПО 32919349

Company RemBudPostach (RemBudPostach,, RBPcontact, RBPkontakt) - electrical trade in the city of Kiev.
The company operates in the area of sales, transportation, storage of cables and wiring, lighting and electrical products, components and low-voltage equipment in the city of Kiev in 2003.
The widest range of products, only quality products and convenient for you to bid.
Cables: Power armored cable, power cable with plastic insulation, power cable, rubber insulated high-voltage cables, communication cable, control cable, telephone cable, data cable, welding cable, cable assembly, wire winding, cable car, wire vodopogruzhaemy, cord connector;
Electrical: circuit breaker, turn off the protective device, the differential relay, machine differential, wiring products, extensions, building distribution boards, hinged plastic shield, a plastic shield installation, auditing door products for the installation, metalorukav, plastic box, metal box, smooth tube, corrugated pipe, accessories for the boxes, accessories for pipes, clamps, clamps, fittings, lugs, sleeves, terminal blocks, junction boxes, installation boxes, insulation materials, devices of electric power, tools, drills, warm floor, transformers, low-voltage devices
Phone +380 44 5371840
Fax +380 44 2745318
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Building and repair / Elektromontazhnye works and equipment / Elektromontazhnoe equipment
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Instruments / Electro- editing
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Lighting devices
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