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Russia, Ulyanovsk region
Ульяновск, Федераци, 89а

Monthly youth magazine "City lights / lights of the city 'comes in Ulyanovsk in March 2010 edition of 7000 copies. The actual reading audience is given a family reading about 25000 people on one issue. The volume of log oktyayurya month will be 40 pages (August - 32 September - 36).

   Target audience.
The magazine is aimed at both the female and a male audience.
The audience of the journal are socially active residents of Ulyanovsk to 45 years. Among active young people (students, graduates, young professionals, young families) magazine is in great demand. Moreover, targeted delivery of the magazine in the company of different spheres of Ulyanovsk makes information available in the print edition and the executives of large enterprises.
The magazine is distributed free at 72 locations of mass communications young people. This data distribution in August. We are constantly expanding the number of distribution points. Upon request of readers, in August opened a paid distribution of the magazine (due to lack of circulation to all comers) vredaktsii and stores "Simbirka ". Number of retail outlets will also increase.

  We invite to cooperation companies and enterprises of the city, as well as regional partners and advertising agencies.
  Magazine "City lights / lights of the city ":
- High quality printing, stylish illustrations and fotomaerialy.
- Direct contact with the audience.
The novelty of the information, and availability subject headings, allowing affect the overall spectrum of information space.

Our Partners:
1) The Committee on Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of Ulyanovsk
2) Department of Youth Policy, Ministry of Education of Ulyanovsk Oblast
3) BeeLine
4) MegaFon
5) AMS-Group
6) Group of companies "Ivanoff "
7) Registry Office
and many other companies have different directions (beauty salons, car dealers, car services, travel agencies, boutiques, supermarkets, dance schools, etc.)

Director - Sergey Fedoseev
Director of Development - Chefranova Anastasia
Art Director - Alexander Mihev
Head of PR-department - Mengaliev Timur

We hope for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.
Phone +7 (422) 443111
+7 (9510) 997337

Fax +7 (422) 443112

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