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Russia, Chelyabynsk region
Челябинск, ул. 1-я Потребительская, 11
Zip code 454000

The manufacture of pallets and evroborta more than 20 species
as well as Buy, sell.
sorting, repair, lease, exchange,
steaming containers of industrial application, new and used.

1) Euro pallets, pallets, pallets, europallets 1200*800, 1200*1000, 1200*1200 non-standard.
2) evroborta, pallet collars, 1200*800*20, 1200*100*20.
3) IBC, plastic tanks, distillation tank, 1000, 800, 640 L.
4) IBC heating .1000 L.
5) Barrel heating and shower 20-227 l
6) plastic barrels, metal 50-250 L.
7) of a plastic canister from 1 to 60 L.
8) bags p/p of polypropylene used and new 25, 50, 70, 100 kg .white and green
9) big bags, FIBC, slim-running from 500 kg to 2500 kg.
10) the cart hydraulic wuss b/y and new.
11) Accessories to pallet containers and barrels
Export-delivery on time. all in stock
Phone +73517513050

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Electric systems / Equipment
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