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The Immergas trademark was opened in 64 g in the open spaces of Italy as a manufacturer of advanced, efficient, and at the same time not complicated heating equipment. Currently occupies the first position in the catalog of gas equipment, as well as heating systems in general.

Heating gas boilers Immergas UA - types

Manufacturer Immergas produces gas boilers for heating, which can be divided into many different models and classes. According to the connection option, heating boilers are divided into:

According to the chimney variant, the devices are of two types:

All gas boilers Immergas are both single-and dual-circuit. And also, there is another type of heating equipment - Immergas gas condensing boiler. But let's talk about this boiler separately. In general, what is the difference between two and 1 contour heating boilers. Everything is elementary. Gas boiler double-circuit, starting from a single-gas gas boiler, has the ability to also provide hot water for domestic use.

Gas condensing boiler Immergas heating

As with a standard heating boiler, the source of heat for condensation is natural or liquefied gas. Usually, natural gas is often exploited in the domestic sphere; on the other hand, liquefied gas is more industrial parts.

What is the difference between the condensing gas boiler Immergas from the traditional?

Unlike a conventional boiler, plants struggle with condensate, which can be released during the operation of equipment, and the condensing boiler, otherwise, saves condensate and thereby increases efficiency. During the combustion of combustion elements, CO2 and H2O are produced. In the process of evaporation of water, heat (energy) is released. Steam is collected in a heat exchanger, returns confused energy (heat), positively affects the efficiency.

From this and the name of the equipment is formed - condensing boiler. At the present time, the record holder of acquisitions in the list of heating boilers is the type Eolostar 24 4e. This is a double-circuit gas boiler with a turbo-hood. Due to its small size, it is practical to use and its low cost makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

Air pumps brand Immergas

The Immergas brand also makes the MAGIS PRO thermal pumps (split), AUDAX TOP ErP and AUDAX TOP 16 ErP (monoblock) . The mentioned equipment has the ability to serve as a standard air / water TH, as well as a hybrid concept of heating and cooling. It is possible to connect Immergas heat pumps to integrated boilers prepared for connecting the AUDAX TOP ErP series. These are Immergas boilers: MAGIS VICTRIX ErP; MAGIS HERCULES ErP.

This technique provides key 3 user needs:

Gas boilers and heat pumps Immergas - buy, official warranty

Purchase Immergas heating system in any city of Ukraine. All manufactured goods have an official guarantee in a large network of branded service centers. It is possible to buy and also find out a detailed catalog of equipment in the official online store Immergas - https: //immergas.kiev.ua/.

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