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Ukraine, Kyiv region
Kyiv, Nagornaya str 15

The Emotional Health Center Amograce is a unique concept centre,
working on a franchising system, where a client can get a service for
relieve stress, restore emotional health and strengthen
emotional immunity.
The main office is located in Ukraine, Kyiv. The centres operate in Israel, Russia, Germany, Spain and Azerbaijan.

The franchise is sponsored by Efim and Galina Shabshay certified coaches of the International Enneagram Association, consultants to top managers and business owners from the CIS countries, Europe, Israel and the USA, authors of patented personal growth techniques for children and adults who have written more than a dozen books on this subject.

For more than twenty years, they have been studying in practice the nature of emotions and the methods of developing emotional intelligence, as a result of which in the early 2000s the “ Shabshai Upgrade System” appeared, a system of training and practice for developing a person’ s personal effectiveness in the field of mental, emotional and physical intelligence, and In 2016, a full-fledged franchise “ Emotional Health Center Amograce” was created on its basis, opening tens of thousands of clients around the world access to methods that help people understand the nature of emotions and develop their emotional intelligence, thereby improving the highest quality of life.

The technologies used in the Emotional Health Center Amograce are unique in nature and can not only restore emotional health but also increase their intellectual and physical capabilities.

The training program includes the diagnosis of internal resources and the formation of lifehacks for their recovery - simple and effective methods of healing, such as anti-stress massage, catharsis yoga, design breathing, deep relaxation, improving memory, developing new cognitive connections and increasing stress resistance.

Today, Emotional Health Center Amograce experts work in more than 10 countries and their number continues to grow.

In addition to the main franchise, authors offer others based on the same principles but focused on narrow target audiences.

"High Studio" - the comfort of relationships. For those who want to regain sexual health and pleasure from an intimate life. For those who want to restore relations. For those who are just going to become a mother and who need rehabilitation after childbirth.

The Enneagram in Business is a truly innovative method of increasing personal effectiveness, which uses knowledge of the types of thinking (enneagrams) and all possible options for their interactions. It covers all areas of business - from recruiting to creating a more profitable sales system.

“ Emotional Security Group (E.S.G) ” - business security. It helps to establish a business climate in the team, motivate employees, find and “ neutralize” those who interfere with coordinated work and create the right emotional background.

“ Future Education Center 3/7 or the Center for the Development of the Individual Potential of the Child” is an innovative method of teaching children, mainly of primary school age, aimed at acquiring useful and unique skills.


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