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Ukraine, Mikolayev region
Nikolaev, st. Shevchenko 20
Zip code 54001

PNP 'Crystal Tools' is specialized in the production of gantry machines with UCHPU for automated gas-plasma cutting of metal on the program, but also produces a series of welding equipment and portable machines for gas cutting of sheet metal.
- Thermal cutting machines Gantry type "crystal " with UCHPU;
- Portable Gas-machine «Smena-2M» cut metal thickness: 5 - 250 mm;
- Portable Gas-machine «Kontur-M» vertical cutting 4 - 40mm;
- Welding semi «Granit-ZUZ» (welding wire Æ1, 0 ... .1,6 mm)
- Welding semi «Granit-F5» (welding wire Æ2, 0 ... .3,0 mm);
- Post argon welding «PRS-202»
- Burners for argon welding types «GOS-1», «GOS-2», «PAU-201», «PAU-502», «RGSCH-2» (welding crack);
- Burners for welding in a carbon dioxide type «HS-250», «HS-400».
- Machines for arc welding «A-1698» (designed for automatic welding line of corner joints, tavrovyh compounds).
- Airless spray painting machine «Crystal»

At all product supplied replacement and spare parts.

More detailed descriptions of products, technical specifications, you can visit the official website of the company 'Crystal Tools' at
Phone +380 512 585811, 479322, 585810, 582007
ICQ 200386194
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Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Welding equipment
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Manufactured goods and equipment. Service / Paint equipment
Sale (Wholesale, Retail). Producer

Last update: 10.03.2009

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