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Ukraine, Lugansk region
Telephone code +380 642
Zip code 91000

Lugansk is a city (from 1795) on Ukraine, administrative center of the Lugansk region. Lugansk is located in the place of confluence of the river of Lugan' with the river Aldern. Lugansk was two times renamed to Voroshilovgrad and two times back. The general area of earths of city in his scopes makes 28,6 thousands of ga. The extent of the Lugansk area of border with the Russian federation makes about 740 km. Climate moderately continental. Summer roast, middle temperature of July ot 21,8 °C to 23,1 °C; the winter cold, middle temperature of January ot −6 to −8 °C. Precipitations for a year 400—500 мм. The population of Lugansk in 1998 made 528,4 thousands of persons, from them Russians — 52,5 %, Ukrainians — 41 %, Byelorussians — 1 %, Jewries — 1 %. The mother tongue is consider Russian 89 % habitants, Ukrainian — 11 %. Administratively consists of 4 districts: In the complement of the Artemovsk district a city Aleksandrovsk and settlement enter Anniversary. In the complement of Zhovtnevogo of district a city Happiness enters on rights for an autonomy. Large center of engineer of Donbassa (FOR the «Lugansk teplovozostroitel'nyy factory», factories: machine-building, car assembly, «Dynamo», «Uglepribor», alkaline accumulators and other). Pipe factory. Light (tonkosukonnyy combine, knittings, shoes, sewings enterprises), woodworking, chemical-farmacevticheskaya, pischevkusovaya industry; production of huttings. Administrative enterprises and GOAO GOF «Lugansk» — GP «Luganskugol'»

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